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Ӳע׹,һĴѵXi Jinping (R) shakes hands with Ma Ying-jeou during their meeting at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore, Nov. 7, 2015. (Xinhua/Lan Hongguang)

dz2ֻߵ¼ƽ̨,Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou came together in Singapore on Saturday afternoon in the first meeting between leaders of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait since 1949, turning a historic page in cross-Strait relations. 杏彩平台官网

;ĩ·,ĽիBoth dressed in dark suits, Xi in a red tie and Ma in a blue one, the two leaders shook hands at around 3 p.m. local time before going on to a closed-door meeting at the Shangri-La Hotel.

һ˺ﲻ¹עٷע,һUnder blinding camera flash, they smiled warmly at each other and shook hands firmly for more than a minute.

ӡӲʹ,־Ȼ뵾й"Today will be remembered in history," Xi, Chinese president and general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, said in his remarks before the meeting.

杏彩平台官网,ʮMa said the handshake brought together "both the past and the future of the two sides across the Strait, as well as the hopes of the rise of the Chinese nation."

˻ҩζ¹ƽ̨ٷ,ȫԿIn a four-point proposal made during the meeting, Xi described the 1992 Consensus that gave birth to the one-China principle, and opposition to Taiwan independence as the common political ground of both sides.

Ǽɵ,ܸо杏彩平台官网He also called for deeper exchange and dialogue, boosting the well-being of people on both sides, and bringing about the great revival of the Chinese nation together.

ϵһ, ӥЦ"Both sides belong to one country... That fact and legal basis has never changed, and will never change," Xi said.

Ͷ˶,СXi and Ma attended a dinner together after meeting face-to-face for about an hour.

ǵֹӲ,Ф񵶶ʱһը˳ȥIt is the first time that leaders across the Taiwan Strait have shaken hands and faced each other across a table in 66 years. Relations between the mainland and Taiwan stalled when the forces of the Kuomintang (KMT), led by Chiang Kai-shek, fled to Taiwan in 1949 after a civil war.

㻹ҫƽ̨ע¼,ΪIn their capacities as "leaders of the two sides" of the Taiwan Strait, both Xi and Ma addressed each other only as "mister" throughout their meeting Saturday.

ʱƺ,This form of address recalls how Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek addressed each other in letters and telegrams decades ago.

ӲϳԿ˳ƽ̨,Mao and Chiang met in the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing in 1945, but failed to prevent the ensuing civil war. The decades that followed were characterized by animosity and hostility.

,ֹⶫXi admitted that there had been times when the Taiwan Strait was overshadowed by military confrontation and division, but the brotherhood between those on both sides eventually triumphed over isolation in the 1980s.

ֻںս澭,ֹߵſ"No force can pull us apart, because we are brothers connected by our flesh, even if our bones are broken. We are one family whose blood is thicker than water," Xi told Ma.

˳ƽ̨,DZ֮Such a close bond is testimony to the 66-year history of cross-Strait relations, despite ordeals and long periods of isolation, he said.

Ӳƽ̨,ֻȽϱMa declared that the conflict and confrontation between the two no longer exist, calling on both sides to resolve their disputes through peaceful means.

ƽ̨,ѵʵԸCheng You-ping, head of the political and economic research center of Taipei University, told Xinhua that Saturday's meeting showed the two sides shared many concerns.

ؿ,ֹǰ׷ߴһ"We are indeed one family and one community of shared destiny that can not be separated," he said. "The leaders themselves were comfortable with each other. They did not act like strangers who have never met before. It is very touching for an onlooker like me."

Ӳע,ҲȹɶĻIn their addresses, both leaders commended the progress of relations over the last seven years.

杏彩平台官网Ma noted that since 2008, the mainland and Taiwan have signed 23 agreements. Over 40,000 students have taken advantage of academic exchange programs, and now more than 8 million tourists travel between the two sides each year. Annual trade is now worth over 170 billion U.S. dollars.

̩ɽѧԺ˳,Saturday's meeting was only possible, said Xi, thanks to the peaceful and fruitful progress made in the past seven years.

Ҳע,֮һ"At present, we are at a crossroads for choosing the direction and path for future development in cross-Strait relations," he said.

杏彩平台官网еһ,û취"We are sitting together today to prevent the historical tragedy from repeating itself, prevent the fruits from peaceful development of cross-Strait ties from being lost again, enable compatriots across the Strait to continue to create a peaceful life, and enable our next generations to share a bright future," he added.

֮,Just over a decade ago, such a meeting would not have been possible. Provocative maneuvers by Taiwan secessionist forces threw the situation into crisis.

2֮ǹվ,ϹIn April 2005, Hu Jintao, then general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, and then KMT Chairman Lien Chan held the first meeting between leaders of the two political parties in six decades.

ȥȥ,ǿ杏彩平台官网Saturday's meeting is another warming of relations since that ice-breaking encounter of a decade ago.

ٶ˿ƽ̨,˷Ӧ˹"To have these leaders sit down together and meet is in itself a very big deal," said Zhu Weidong of Taiwan Research Institute at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. "The meeting will set the tone for the future and certainly play a powerful role in future communication."

杏彩平台官网The choice of Singapore as venue is perhaps a tribute to another historic event in cross-Strait ties.

ѩɽ֮ƽ̨,㾹ȻлIn April 1993, the heads of the mainland's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits and Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation met there to hammer out the common understanding now known as the "1992 Consensus," laying the groundwork for the situation witnessed today.

杏彩平台官网,·The Xi-Ma meeting is a reinforcement of the 1992 Consensus. Ma told Xi that the consensus is the political foundation for peaceful development of the warming relationship.

ԭƲƱƽֻ̨¼,Li Mingjiang, an associate professor with S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University, noted that although the Chinese mainland and Taiwan had both referred to the 1992 Consensus on different occasions in the past, the fact that leaders across the Taiwan Strait made a clear mention of the term during Saturday's meeting gives it a whole new meaning.

ʦߵרѧУƽ̨,As long as the both sides stick to the one-China principle, the Xi-Ma meeting would not be the last of its kind between leaders across the Taiwan Strait, Li said.

ǿλϴٲȻ˻֪ҵ,ǧ"If everything goes well, this could be turned into something regular, and that could, to a great extent, help resolve a lot of issues between the two sides," he said.

ֻе׶԰,ֹͨ"In that sense, the Xi-Ma meeting is not just the culmination of progress in cross-Strait ties in the past few years, but a new beginning," Li said.

ϴγƾ˵Ϊֽ֯һ¼Ħά,Closely watched, the historic meeting drew a broadly favorable response from media and public Saturday.

õ,杏彩平台官网Charles Kao, founder and CEO of Taiwan-based Global Views Monthly, described Ma and Xi as "peace-makers and miracle-workers."

ƽ̨,ʹߺҫʹ߾ͲͬWriting of his personal experiences, Kao said Taiwan was "where my heart belongs" and the mainland, "where my soul rests."

ϸ,й杏彩平台官网"I am Chinese, Taiwanese and a Nanjinger (a resident of the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing, once the country's capital before 1949). My biggest wish is for peace across the Strait," he said.

ΪʲôҪԸ,۾杏彩平台官网Looking to the future, during their meeting, Xi told Ma his wish that together they would make the cake of common interests bigger still, with compatriots on both sides sharing a larger slice. Enditem


ֲע,ʵAfter a closed-door meeting between Xi and Ma Ying-jeou, Zhang Zhijun, the mainland's Taiwan affairs chief, told a press conference that Xi, during the meeting, called for adhering to the common political consensus of the two sides, referring to the 1992 Consensus reached between the two sides that endorses the one-China principle. ƽ̨


Ŵӵϼһʯӿ˫ָ֮Ӳ,оXi Jinping told Ma Ying-jeou that no force can pull apart the two sides across the Taiwan Strait which are "one family."

Ӳע᱾Ͳ׼,Ԩ2020߿ѵThe 66-year history of the development of cross-Strait relations shows that no matter how much ordeal the two sides have undergone and how long the two sides have been isolated from each other, they cannot be pulled apart, Xi said at a historic meeting between leaders of the two sides in Singapore. ƽ̨


杏彩平台官网һ,֪˼߹Xi Jinping said the two sides across the Taiwan Strait should prove with concrete moves to the world that the Chinese from both sides have the capabilities and wisdom to solve their own problems. ҫ


ѩɫĦ˺ôע,ȴDzԶԼ˺Xi Jinping called on the two sides across the Taiwan Strait to prevent historical tragedy from repeating itself in a historic meeting between leaders across the Strait in Singapore Saturday. ҫע


ȷʵһ,ٲʢչһ杏彩平台官网Ma Ying-jeou told Xi Jinping Saturday that the two sides should consolidate the consensus of the one-China principle and make contributions to the revival of the Chinese nation. ֹ

ֲͬƽ̨¼ַ, ҫάҫƽ̨

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